Audio File Test

18 March 2011 Comments off

I threw together this little promo/intro clip for The Magical Talking Hat, mostly in an attempt to try to help the figure out doing the podcast thing on



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Merry Christmas!

25 December 2006 Comments off

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Spectacularly Unproductive Day

12 September 2006 Comments off

I started a new job, 1 month & 10 days ago. In this new job, I’m learning as much as I can about a massive database update process. There’s a few problems with this, namely:

  • The process is almost completely undocumented.
  • The stuff that has been documented is all automated and so I don’t really have to worry about it (much).
  • And oh yeah, they’ve never successfully run the process 100% through before.

On top of all that, I have to learn double-quick as my supervisor is pregnant and her due date is within the next week or so.


Today, I spent just under 8 hours trying to manually match up some new data with our existing data and it was only at 5 minutes till quitting time that I realized I’d made an invalid assumption in how the matching process works and would have to start all over again.


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Dang Computers

22 November 2005 Comments off

I finished my evening in front of ye olde boob tube1 at 10 and was thinking about heading to bed early. I decided just before doing so I’d go read some email, maybe run CastPodder and grab some stuff to listen to at work. That was nearly two hours ago and I’m still not continuing on my way to bed. *sigh* I really should learn my lesson and stop thinking I can hit up the crack pipe use my computer for a just a few minutes. On the bright side, my last run of APT-GET updated amaroK which fixed an annoying crash I’d been experiencing for the last week or so. Also, I setup amaroK up to use the MySQL backend and it’s massively faster than using SQLite. The only downside is that somewhere along the way of my manual attempts to fix the crash, updating to the latest/greatest and switching the MySQL backend; amaroK “forgot” which songs I’ve already listened to. This brings my playlist of “new” music to just under 3,000 tracks2.

1 T.V. for you little whipper-snappers.
2 This playlist excludes podcasts, audiobooks and the like but does include music that is podsafe or ripped from CDs that I own.

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So drunk I’m tired

25 October 2005 Comments off

Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Have you ever been so tired you feel drunk? Your sense of balance is off, a slight giddiness to your mood, feeling a touch overly warm? Welcome to the world tonight.

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Woot! First Post!

21 October 2005 Comments off

Just kidding. I read about Flock via PhotoMatt and decided what the heck; let’s give this baby a whirl. So far, it’s ok. I think I prefer Firefox with a dozen or so carefully selected extensions but Flock isn’t bad. What’s far more interesting is having this account on I can see a lot of the ideas being worked on in the WP 1.6 Alpha are already implemented here and that’s very exciting. Will I have more to write about here? I guess we’ll see what happens as time moves on; though I’m very curious to find out what the API-Keys are all about.

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